Info On Our Teas

About Our Tea Blenders

We currently source our teas from two suppliers.

Our main supplier is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (CTC Brewt Corp.) However they source the majority of their teas from a company called InterTee based out of Germany which was founded in 1967. InterTee sources their high quality teas from leaves traditionally grown in regions such as China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Africa.

We have a secondary tea supplier based out of Toronto, Canada called The Metropolitan Tea Company. They source tea leaves directly from farmers situated in the world’s leading growing regions such as Kenya, Sri Lanka and India.

Our Teas Belong To Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)

Both the Metropolitan Tea Company and InterTee are members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. It is similar to the Fair Trade organization but has a much broader scope for the tea consumers since its focus is only on tea.

ETP is a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies who share a vision of a thriving global sector that is socially moral and environmentally sustainable. ETP staff work directly with tea producers to ensure that they meet international labour standards, that workers are treated fairly and the environment is protected. To find out more about ETP and its role at the center of tea sustainability please visit their website

Quality Of Our Teas

InterTee has earned great respect in the tea industry over the years through their innovation and creating teas with added flavours. As a global trendsetter, InterTee mixed tea with real pieces of fruit and developed new types of fruit infusions. Their approach is to work closely with producers and distribution partners focusing on their uncompromising proven methods and quality ingredients that make up the various tea blends.

InterTee’s tradition dates back to 1967 when then founder, Karl-Heinz Schwedt’s dream was realized by having his own tea company. Karl was a tea enthusiast himself and was later joined in 1983 by Hanspeter Gesing. Hanspeter carried on his own family tradition as his father had been a tea dealer.

InterTee still operates today as its original founders intended it, blending long standing tradition with the power of innovation in one elegant cup. InterTee remains uncompromised when it comes to the quality of teas and exclusive ingredients. This long standing track record still resonates today.

The Metropolitan Tea Company creates their natural flavourings from high quality fruit extracts and maintain the use of top quality teas as the base for the blends (unlike some tea companies that will use low quality teas as a base).

The Metropolitan Tea Company holds many Food Safety, Ethical, Organic & Environmental Accreditation’s. Yearly visits to estates and tea factories help evaluate their suppliers business practices. Any supplier found in violation of such practices are dropped from their list of tea suppliers immediately. Whenever possible, Metropolitan Teas are pesticide free. Certain high elevation tea districts can support tea without pesticides since pests that typically attack teas cannot survive in such altitudes. Metropolitan encourages growers to use natural fertilizers (nitrogen etc.) which promote & maintain crop yield.

We at Exquisite Taste stand behind our tea suppliers ethics, high standards and uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and we embrace these motto’s as our own. We cannot honestly compare our teas to other companies teas simply because we don’t know where they source their product from. Testimonials and feedback time and time again from our customers attest to the quality of our teas to be superior to some of the competition out there. Quite honestly, allow your own palate to be the deciding factor as we have allowed ours to do the same.

Organic Teas

Not all of our teas are Organic. However, the teas that we indicate as being “Organic” are certified Organic teas whether they are sourced from the Metropolitan Tea Company or InterTee.

InterTee indicates their certified organic teas as standing for “controlled organic farming” practices (which excludes any genetic modification in any way). Products are grown in accordance with strict regulations and are regularly monitored to ensure conformity to such standards.

The Metropolitan Tea Company organic teas are USDA certified. This is a program that is annually audited which assures you that the organic products are what they say they are. It is your 3rd party assurance that Organic means Organic!

Tea Tips

  • Store your tea in a cool, dry environment. Never in the fridge or the freezer! Our carefully selected tea packaging is perfect to store your tea in as you can squeeze out the air and seal the bag to maintain its freshness. Airtight containers work fine too. Tea has up to a 2 year shelf life when stored properly!
  • Use 1 tsp. of loose-leaf tea per 12 oz. of hot water directly over the tea. More loose tea will yield a stronger cup.
  • Always use the specific brewing instructions for the tea you are about to make to ensure the perfect cup. (Brewing instructions are specified throughout the site for each tea).