Info On Our Coffees

About Our Coffee Roaster

Exquisite Taste’s fresh roasted coffees are created exclusively by our local Manitoba roaster, Sunstone coffee. Sunstone was founded in Winnipeg in 1994 and later expanded (in 2002) to a state of the art roasting facility in Headingly Manitoba. Sunstone’s roasters have extensive expertise in the art of roasting and blending and continue to strive to create the perfect product.

Quality Of Our Beans VS Store Bought Beans

Our coffee beans are roasted (from a green bean) upon order to ensure maximum freshness from shelf to cup. With a plethora of coffee choices out there, we distinguish ourselves by transparency so you know exactly what product you’re getting. Coffee beans do lose their taste complexities in time so a fresh cup ensures you’re receiving the ‘real deal’.

Where Our Beans Come From

Our beans come from single estates (in most cases) ensuring a high quality product. Simply stated: The name of our coffee is where the coffee comes from (i.e. Mexico, Ethiopia, Colombia, etc…)

Our Coffees Are UTZ Certified

UTZ certification stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The code of conduct implemented, can be further expanded into good environmental and business practices, environmental criteria and social criteria. Workers are protected by international rules which provide safe and adequate working conditions.

Organic Beans

Although not all our coffee beans are organic we do offer some organic coffee bean options. Very much like the teas we carry, the coffee beans that are organic are certified organic beans.

Coffee Tips

  • Always grind your beans right before brewing your coffee. This will keep your beans fresher longer and ensure you get an amazing cup every single time.
  • Store your beans in a cool, dry environment. Never in the fridge or the freezer!
  • Use 2 tbsp. per 12 oz. for regular strength or 3-4 tbsp. per 12 oz. for strong coffee. You might have to play around with the strength until you get it just right. It’s well worth the experiment.
  • Use the right grind according to the method of which you brew your coffee. Example: Use coarse grind for French Press, Medium grind for Percolator etc…