Get 20% OFF with: Customer Advantage Pricing

We at Exquisite Taste have developed a combined customer loyalty and referral program so you can receive MORE FREQUENT DISCOUNTS on all your loose-tea, fresh roasted coffee beans and soon, organic soy candles. This is how you can take advantage:

  • Every time you accumulate $100 in sales with us, we’ll send you a promo code for: 20% OFF a subsequent purchase*
  • You can even SHARE your promo code with family and friends so they too, can receive 20% OFF a purchase
  • Your sales progress is tracked with a sticker placed on your delivery bag indicating how close you are to the discount (i.e. $67 worth of sales = ’67’ Loyalty Points, $145 = ’45’ Loyalty Points, and so forth)
  • The promo code is included on the next order after the $100 threshold is reached

*Sales are tracked on an individual bases, per household (i.e. online orders placed will accumulate for that customer only). However, when they reach the $100 threshold and receive their promo code, they may share it with others to use when placing their own online orders.

Jump on board and take advantage of Exquisite Tastes’: Customer Advantage Pricing. With an already FREE HOME DELIVERY serviceĀ  (minimum $15 order required) and amazing CUSTOMER SERVICE, we are raising the bar to enhance the customer experience!



*we reserve the right to alter or cancel the program at any time*