Info On Our Soy Candles

About Our Soy Candles

Our soy candles are made with 100% natural organic soy wax. They are environmentally friendly, made from soy beans (reusable resource), clean burning and hand poured in small batches.

Did you know burning paraffin candles (the wax most big companies use to make candles) are petroleum based? Burning those guys in your home is like running your car in your living room. It may be the culprit for black soot on your walls, blinds and furnace filter if you are an avid candle lover, like us! Even the more expensive paraffin candles do the exact same thing!

We were completely flabbergasted to find this out. Not only that, but some companies even still use lead and/or zinc in their wicks. Yuck!

Our wicks are made with 100% tight woven cotton ensuring a clean candle burn each and every time.

Our fragrances are carefully chosen with the utmost highest quality and are all phthalate free.

Lastly, soy candles are water soluble and are super easy to clean up if there happens to be an accidental spill. Believe us, we’ve done it!

We are proud to provide a high standard of quality soy candles to Exquisite Tastes’ product line. Sit back, make a cup of tea and/or coffee, light your soy candle and enjoy the moments they will bring.

Caring For Your Soy Candle

Upon the very first lighting of your candle you will want to make sure that the entire diameter of your candle has melted completely to the edges of the candles jar. This will prevent the `tunneling` effect and will ensure your candle will burn properly. Generally the rule of thumb is to burn the candle for 1 hour for each inch in diameter for the first burn. Example: A candle 2.5 inches in diameter might need 2 1/2 – 3 hours for the first burn.

Always trim your wicks down to about 1/8-1/4 inch before and/or after each burn.

Candle burning times depend on a lot of factors and it is impossible for us to give an exact amount. That being said things that may prolong the length of burning time are: keeping your candles out of drafty areas, keeping them out of the sun or hot spots in the home, letting them cool completely before each lighting, only burning them for 4-5 hours at a time (this also depends on the candle size).

Because we use all natural wicks you may find that it may produce a carbon ball or ‘mushrooming effect’ on the top of the wick. This is completely normal and does not hurt the candle. Simple blow it out, let cool for a few seconds, trim it off, discard and relight your candle. (Do not allow the wick trimmings to sit in the melted wax of your candle).

We use only 100% natural soy wax and refuse to add any additives to make our candles look ‘prettier.’ That being said, natural soy candles may take on a ‘frosted’ look either on the top of the candle or sometimes on the sides. This is completely normal for 100% natural soy wax and, to be honest, we believe it just adds to their all-natural character.