Our Story

Angeline and Geoffrey

Hello, we Angeline Patenaude and Geoffrey Nault are a husband and wife team and are the proud founders of Exquisite Taste located right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba! We first opened our doors to our then, retail boutique in the Northeast part of the city back on September 15, 2011.

Our love of loose tea developed early on in our relationship. We would take yoga classes together and then enjoy sampling different loose teas afterwards. Our boutique would embody the peaceful nature in which we enjoyed relaxing, sipping tea and spending meaningful time together.

After four and a half years of operating a ‘brick and mortar’ store, Exquisite Taste morphed into a ‘direct to customer’ business model. To enhance the convenience of our products to our customers, we now offer free home delivery service with a small minimum order requirement. We are now approaching one year into our new business format and we continue working to deliver a great customer experience.

Our Motto:

“We deliver peaceful moments to your home with…TEA and COFFEE.”

Exquisite Taste hopes to satisfy that motto for you in the same way it has for us. Thank you all for your continued support and allowing us to do what we enjoy doing!

Some of Angeline’s current favourites:

‘Cinnamon Punch’ Pu Erh, ‘Ginger Fresh Organic’ Herbal Tea, ‘Almond Amaretto Biscotti’ Rooibos Tea, ‘Coconut Creme’ Coffee (seasonal)

Some of Geoff’s current favourites:

‘Peppermint’ Herbal Tea, ‘Cinnamon Punch’ Pu Erh Tea, ‘Golden Apple Spice’ Green Tea, ‘Cuban Serrano Superior’ Coffee (House Blend)